Who Makes Acura?

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Looking at the new or Certified Pre-Owned Acura lineup for your next vehicle in Turlock is a great luxury option. Many Stockton drivers ask us, does Honda make Acura? You can learn more about where are Acura cars made and why is Acura owned by Honda with the team at Acura of Modesto. 

Who Owns Acura?

Honda Motor Company is the parent company of the Acura brand, and the history of the companies are very much intertwined. Does Honda Make Acura? It does, and here’s a brief history: 

In 1981, a luxury-level Honda sedan was in its early planning stages. Honda executives thought that introducing the new sedan as a separate brand from the Honda lineup was a better option — While Honda is who makes Acura cars, the new brand was announced in 1984, and 60 Acura dealerships officially opened in 1986. You know who makes Acura, but you may be surprised to learn that within the first year Acura sold over 50,000 vehicles. The brand also opened the doors to 150 Acura dealerships. 

Acura was such a success that it caused other brands like Toyota and Nissan to create their own luxury brands. Now, Acura is still growing and expanding, and it remains a powerful force in the luxury segment of the car industry. 

Where Are Acura Cars Made?

Usually, Acura models, including the ILX, TLX, RDX, and MDX, are made in North America. Many of the Acuras come out of Ohio, and the Marysville plant has the largest production capacity of the four locations in the state. There are also plants in East Liberty, Anna, and Russells Point, Ohio.

  • The Marysville plant manufactures the Acura ILX and Acura TLXluxury cars. The Acura performance manufacturing center is also located in Marysville, and the Acura NSX supercar is produced here.
  • The East Liberty plant manufactures the Acura RDX and Acura MDX luxury SUVs. 
  • The Anna plant makes engines and drivetrain components. 
  • The Russells Point plant makes transmissions and related components, including the four-wheel drive systems.

Is Acura Made By Honda? Learn More at Acura of Modesto

You can learn more about the production of Acura vehicles and explore the lineup in person or by contacting Acura of Modesto today. We’re happy to introduce you to the exciting features of the Acura cars and SUVs, and get you behind the wheel of your favorite model for a test drive. Contact us today if you have questions about how to buy your next vehicle.

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