When your vehicle is leaking fluids, don’t ignore the problem

February 25th, 2021 by

How bad is it that my car leaks fluid?
There are several fluids used by a car, truck or SUV that are vital to its operation. Gasoline is an obvious choice. Motor oil is probably a close second. But there are so many more. Any time almost any of them start escaping and ending up on the ground, it’s a sign something is wrong. If you’re currently wondering, ‘How bad is it that my car leaks fluid,’ the service team has told us that it’s not a great sign. Some fluid leaks are worse than others. Several members of the Acura of Modesto team thought it would be helpful to share this information to help calm some nerves and/or encourage vehicle owners to schedule an appointment for service. Let’s take a look at a few things you might want or need to know.

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What are the most common fluids to leak?
Transmission Fluid — Leaks coming from a transmission are probably the least common type of fluid leak. However, a transmission leak could be the most dangerous – especially in modern, more complex transmission. A vehicle owner could go through the entire lifecycle of their vehicle without needed to change the transmission fluid. If it leaks the telltale red or dark red fluid, it is a sign something is very wrong and it needs to have an expert look at it immediately.

Antifreeze/Coolant — A coolant or antifreeze link could be considered slightly more common and it can be a simple fix if it’s caught early. Antifreeze has a neon green or pink color, and it will smell very sweet. Unchecked coolant leaks could easily lead to an overheating engine, which could easily lead to catastrophic engine failure.

Motor Oil — Seeing black spots on the ground under a vehicle is a scary thing – at least it should be. Motor oil makes a case for being the most critical fluid used by an automobile. A leak could be caused by something as simple as a bad filter or something much worse. Either way, it’s important to regularly monitor the oil level of a vehicle that leaks and get it in for repair as soon as possible.

If you have any questions on how to take the best care of your vehicle, make an appointment with the Acura of Modesto Service Department today.

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