Learn to spot a transmission that is in trouble before it’s too late

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How do I know if my car’s transmission is going bad?
There might not be a more terrifying thing to hear in an automotive repair shop than, ‘We think there is something wrong with your transmission.’ Like anything else in the automotive world, preventative maintenance and understanding basic problem signs can prevent many problems down the road. If you’re wondering, ‘How do I know if my car’s transmission is going bad,’ Acura of Modesto is ready to help. When your vehicle is in motion, and things are running properly, you should hear sounds that occur in a logical order. Knowing what to listen and look for can help you get ahead of potentially expensive repair issues. Let’s take a look at a few things you need to know.

Top 3 Signs of a Failing Transition
Slipping Transmission — Anytime you hear a sudden change in pitch (sounds higher or lower) from the components of a vehicle, it’s a sign something is wrong. A slipping transmission will cause a sudden change in pitch from the sound of the engine accompanied by a feeling that the car is struggling to move or accelerate. Similarly, if your automatic transmission changes gears and is accompanied by a sharp sound, like a clunk or a thud, that is yet another sign that you should be making an appointment with a qualified service center.

Watch Out for a Pause — When you shift from Park into Drive and apply a little throttle, the response from the vehicle should be almost instantaneous. However, if there is a noticeable gap between pushing the gas and the vehicle actually moving, call your mechanic as soon as possible. Also, pay attention to your car’s warning lights. A ‘Check Engine’ light could indicate transmission issues. Most times, that light doesn’t mean much, but it’s always worth it to have it checked out.

Fluid Leaks — Just like any other automotive component, a modern transmission is comprised of many moving parts, which require lubrication. An automatic transmission is a closed system, so leaks are a major problem. Transmission fluid is red, but could also look dark red or brown, depending on age. If you see those colors of fluid on the ground, have it checked out immediately.

Acura of Modesto is here to help you with anything you might need to get more from your vehicle. Feel free to reach out to us today if we can help you.

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