Make sure your vehicle is ready to go in case of an emergency

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How do I take care of my car when I’m driving it less?
Between the onset of a contagious virus and poor air quality due to area wildfires, it is entirely likely that you aren’t driving your car, truck or SUV nearly as much as you would normally. While modern automobiles are more reliable than ever, they do need some attention and, like any vehicle, need to be regularly driven to prevent problems. If you have been wondering, ‘How do I take care of my car when I’m driving it less,’ the team of expert service technicians at the Acura of Modesto Service Department have some suggestions. It’s really never too late to make better decisions when it comes to maintaining your vehicle if there have been lapses. Let’s take a closer look at a few things you might need to know.

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Making sure my vehicle is ready in an emergency
When a vehicle sits in one spot for too long, there are a few things that can happen and none of them are great. The most common issue is that the battery will lose charge, with moisture accumulating in the gas tank being a close second. Also, the vehicle’s tires can lose air and develop flat spots, which will obviously shorten their lifecycle. While these things are not ideal, they are also easily preventable if you do the following:

Go for a drive at least once a week
Make sure it lasts 20-30 minutes
If possible, get on the highway and reach highway speeds
Follow regularly scheduled maintenance recommendations

How can I sterilize my car interior?
You have probably spent the last several months thoroughly cleaning your home and washing your hands. But, have you thought about the inside of your vehicle? Luckily, you probably already have the products you need to largely eliminate COVID-19 from your vehicle’s interior. Hot soapy water is suitable for a lot of hard surfaces. If your vehicle is equipped with a touchscreen, you can use Clorox wipes to clear away any contamination. It is important to avoid harsh cleansers on those screens because it can inadvertently remove the protective coating.

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