What is the secret to a turbocharged car’s performance?

November 25th, 2020 by

How does turbocharging work for car engines?
Acura, like any other automobile manufacturer, is always looking to strike a balance between exciting performance and fuel economy. One way this happens is by using smaller, more efficient engines that have turbochargers attached. Basically, a turbocharger helps the engine draw in more air so more fuel can be burned. So, how does turbocharging work for car engines? The efficiency comes by using the previously mentioned smaller power plant. That’s why it is possible for some powertrains to make similar performance output figures to that of a V-6, while the engine platform itself might only offer four cylinders. Our team found a couple of videos that might be helpful when it comes to explaining this increasingly popular technology. If you would like to see a turbocharged Acura vehicle in action, make an appointment with an Acura of Modesto product expert today.

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