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What does it mean for you and your Acura when there’s a recall that affects the vehicle or one of its components? It’s only natural to feel worried or stressed about a recall notice — after all, you rely on your vehicle just about every day in and .

As your local authorized Acura dealership, DI Brand Hub Acura is here to provide expert recall services and support. Learn more about Acura recalls and what to do in the event of one below.

What Are Recalls and Why Do They Happen?

Every automotive manufacturer rigorously tests its vehicles before they leave the factory and make their way to dealerships around the country. But occasionally, an issue with a vehicle or its equipment is discovered later on, after more extensive use and exposure to real-world driving conditions. Manufacturers, along with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), work around the clock to monitor and respond to such issues to help keep drivers like you safe.

The manufacturer and the NHTSA will issue a recall if a vehicle or its mechanical components, seats, or tires do not meet minimum safety standards or are found to pose an unreasonable safety risk. The manufacturer is responsible for providing necessary recall support for its customers with a repair, refund, or replacement of the recalled component(s).

How Do I Know if My Acura Has a Recall?

You’ll receive official notice of any Acura recall that affects your vehicle via first-class mail. You can also look up recall information online with the NHTSA or with your vehicle’s manufacturer:

Recall LookupSchedule Service

You may be asked to enter your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) to look up recalls for your vehicle online. You can locate your VIN on the lower driver-side corner of your windshield, on the sticker in the driver-side door jamb, or on your vehicle registration card.

My Acura Has a Recall. What Comes Next?

Every automotive manufacturer, including Acura, must provide recall services at no cost to the affected customers. However, only authorized dealerships can provide these complimentary services. So, if you’re notified of a recall for your Acura vehicle, you should schedule service without delay at your local Acura dealership. If you’re in Naperville or , you can count on the service department at DI Brand Hub Acura to handle your recall in a timely manner!

Contact Us with Any Questions or Concerns

DI Brand Hub Acura wants to help you take on every drive in your Acura with confidence. In the event of a recall pertaining to your vehicle, you can trust our factory-trained and certified technicians to complete the necessary repairs with precision and accuracy. Do you have some additional questions or concerns? Contact us or stop by our dealership in Naperville, and we will be happy to help!