How to Be Fuel-Efficient When Driving

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If you are looking for tips on how to build fuel efficient driving habits, look no further than our dealership at Acura of Modesto, Many of our vehicles, such as the Acura ILX and the Acura TLX, are fuel-efficient by nature, but it couldn’t hurt to follow these tips on how to be fuel efficient. Learn more about the ways to maximize fuel efficiency on Turlock roads, and tips for how you can save fuel while driving on hills. Read on to learn more, and then also check out our manufacturer research page as well to learn more about which vehicles are best for you. 

5 Tips for Being a Fuel-Conscious Driver

Whether you are looking to drive in the Turlock area, or if you are wanting to learn how can you save fuel while driving on hills, you can check out our tips on how you can be fuel-conscious with us at Acura of Modesto below: 

  1. Accelerate Softly: The harder you press on your gas pedal, the more fuel you will use. Accelerate slowly to take five seconds to bring your vehicle up to 10 mph.
  2. Plan Ahead for Traffic: Sitting and then stopping intermittently is not only an inefficient use of fuel, but can also put stress on your drivetrain. Leave at least 15 minutes ahead of time to avoid rush hour traffic.
  3. Avoid High Speeds: When accelerating and braking, you should keep your speed between 55 to 65 for the best possible fuel economy, as long as you are keeping to the speed limit.
  4. Coast to a Stop: In order to save gas and save money, look at the road ahead and then coast your vehicle to a stop. How can you save fuel while driving on hills? Reduce your speed as you drive upward, and then use the forward momentum to coast downhill. 
  5. Use Air Conditioning Sparingly: When you use air conditioning, you increase fuel consumption a great deal. Use the recirculating function instead of leaving the air conditioning on full-blast.

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