How many bad driving habits have you developed?

September 30th, 2020 by

What bad driving habits should I break?
For a lot of us, it has been a very long time since we were in driver’s ed. In the ensuing decades, we have probably lost a little discipline while behind the wheel. In fact, it’s a common topic of discussion around the dealership that none of us would want to have to pass a road test again. However, it did get us asking ourselves, ‘What bad driving habits should I break?’ There are a few easy ones like making sure we are mindful of our phone use while driving and keeping food out of our vehicles – at least as much as possible. But did you know that resting your hand on a floor-mounted gear-shifter is a terrible idea? We had never thought about it. Here are a few other things you should stop doing immediately if you are guilty of them.

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